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first student who went to the medical faculty


The first school at Ginigathhena was started in Ginigathhena Town Mahakade in about 1913. From the beginning this school imparted knowledge attitudes and aptitudes to students in the area. A gentleman named Gelioya Samarasinghe functioned as the head Master. It is stated that an assistant teacher named E.P. Rupasinghe served in this school and due to the increase of number of students the school was shifted to the place where the present Primary School is situated.           Read More>>

 Our Principal's Message

 I would like to give my sincere gratitude to his Excellency president Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha for introducing information technology to school curriculum which enables our next generation to explore the world by cyber space. I appreciate the effort taken by Helithi Abhimani Galappaththi to develop this web site with the guidance of her teachers. This website helps us to develop our school by connecting our past pupils in different countries as well as it will encourage our students by publishing their achievements to the whole world.

Thank you

Our Vision
To be the leading central college In Island by providing the Society with unique citizens & great Personality traits needed for tomorrow for the Advancement of the motherland.
Our Mision

Our mission is to mould the Children who come to our school Into great personalities, Identifying their potentials, Making them youths full of knowledge, Attitudes and skills with moral Qualities and humanity,considering Them as our own children.
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